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Jessica Wilber founded TAKT in June of 2022. Built to elevate the manufacturing industry for multi-generational success, TAKT connects buyers and shops with efficient solutions, from project management to full-scale manufacturing.

TAKT serves businesses throughout the US with superior precision machining and expert project support. We empower custom part buyers with one-stop sourcing solutions, including quoting and estimating, operational oversight, and a wide range of manufacturing capabilities. Parts and products sourced by our team serve aerospace, medical, industrial, weaponry, OEM, defense, and other frontline industry customers.

TAKT’s core values include Anticipation, Resourcefulness, Ambition, Transparency, Innovation, and Integrity. We seek clients with a compatible approach to work, life, and community.

Our name, TAKT, is a German word meaning pulse or beat. The phrase “takt time” indicates the completion rate necessary to meet customer demand. TAKT embraces takt time as the heartbeat of our company. Are you ready to find your own company’s pulse?

Jessica Wilber

Meet Jessica Wilber, Founder & Owner-Operator

Hello! I’m Jessica Wilber, the founder and owner-operator of TAKT Manufacturing Solutions. I launched TAKT with a dream of helping manufacturers evolve, excel, and thrive—today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.

I bring to TAKT a proven track record of driving multimillion-dollar growth and national expansion for manufacturers. My manufacturing experience includes 14 years in key growth roles, including Operations Manager, Director of Business Development, Sales Engineer, Key Account Executive, and other strategic shop positions.

My approach has benefited shops and customers in numerous fields, including power transmission, industrial automation, conveyors, material handling, pneumatics, hydraulics, industrial distribution, machining, assembly, and fabrication.

I’m a Lean Six Sigma-certified Black Belt with a strong command of national business protocols. I’ve helped owners, operators, and executives across the US develop growth strategies, implement LEAN programming, achieve critical certifications, and more.

I’m known as an expert relationship builder, channel developer, negotiator, and sales strategist, and I understand the complexities of B2B sales processes when navigating an industry-diverse clientele.

I hold an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Ashford University and a BFA in Design and Merchandising from the International Academy of Design and Technology.