As a manufacturing leader in sales, business development, and operations, I’ve noticed some interesting trends among custom part buyers and job shops.

Buyers often struggle to find trustworthy vendors quickly. Many young buyers come to the industry straight out of school with a project management degree. They’re strong on communication and project planning but don’t necessarily have a solid technical foundation. As a result, they encounter challenges reading prints, understanding GD&T, and more.

Too many of these buyers spend hours submitting countless RFQs for precision machining services, only to spend even more time sifting through an inbox full of quotes to find the perfect fit. Spoiler alert: that perfect fit changes from job to job, and buyers have to go back to the drawing board the next time they have an order to fill.

As for job shops? Many shops can’t afford to keep a salesperson—let alone a team of sales professionals—on staff. Typically, the owner juggles too many tasks, including meeting prospective customers and drumming up new business.

I’ve also seen thatJessica Wilber is the Founder and President of TAKT Manufacturing Solutions.—in this market—it’s feast or famine. Shops either hustle (and struggle) to get enough work to make a profit or lose business due to capacity constraints. They’re hearing “no” or saying “no”—and that’s no way to do business.

TAKT Manufacturing Solutions helps connect custom part buyers to job shops to get what they want and need—quality parts, on time, without the hassle. 

We offer turnkey manufacturing services to ensure your project is supported from start to finish:

  • Precision CNC machining services

  • Sheet metal fabrication

  • Wire EDM services

  • Swiss screw machine services

  • Post-processing services

A Career Committed to Excellence Lays the Foundation for TAKT

I started working in manufacturing 14+ years ago, and I have found my forever home in this industry. I love the people, the problem-solving, and being a part of a community of makers.

The manufacturing industry and I just clicked. I’ve always worked in a sales capacity:

  • In 10 months, I grew one company from $30K  to $1 million in annual revenue

  • In less than 18 months, I grew another company from $3 million to nearly $8 million in annual revenue

  • When I took a job selling machines, I sold $3.5 million worth of equipment and won a  national award for Best in Sales my first month on the job.

In addition to sales and business development, I also specialize in operations for precision CNC machining services; I have a Six Sigma Black Belt certification and am a lean manufacturing expert.

I’ve worked closely with machinists and engineers in many different manufacturing sectors, and I’m passionate about amplifying opportunities for women and minorities in this industry. I’m energized and eager to work with current and future generations of American manufacturers.

Every role I’ve held over the last 14+ years has made me a better leader and taught me so much about the manufacturing industry. In June 2022, I decided to put my MBA in entrepreneurship to use and take the leap from leader to owner—and TAKT Manufacturing Solutions was born.

How TAKT Serves Shop Owners and Custom Part Buyers

TAKT is a single-source solution for all your precision manufacturing needs. But we’re unique in that we serve both job shops and custom part buyers.

Solutions for Custom Part Buyers 

TAKT provides end-to-end project management services for buyers, ensuring your parts are made to spec, on time, and within budget by leveraging our trusted manufacturing vendors.

We provide a frictionless customer experience, proactively communicating through our secure digital platform so you can easily stay informed about your project.

We streamline the entire precision manufacturing process for you and ensure you get the parts you need so you can be a rockstar at work.

It’s super simple to get started—we just need your print, budget, and timeline in the RFQ. Request a quote today.

Solutions and Services for Job Shops

TAKT can act as a dedicated sales branch if a contract manufacturing shop doesn’t have a business development representative or salesperson.

In many job shops, the owner isn’t just the CEO; they’re also the COE—chief of everything. When you hire TAKT, we take sales off your plate so you can focus on doing what you do best: making high-quality parts and products.

Do you want to break into the aerospace industry? Maybe you’re ISO 9001:2015 certified, AS9100 compliant, and interested in getting your AS9100 certification. TAKT can help you win more business and grow your revenue.

Conversely, if your shop is inundated with RFQs and has more work than it can handle, we can also provide overflow support so you don’t lose out on any jobs. Say “no more” to no quotes, and let us help you meet customers’ needs!

Does your shop lack the strategic sourcing and quality resources to verify and vet new vendors? Maybe you need vendors with AS9100 certifications for flow-down requirements? Our team can empower you to grow by outsourcing work and increasing sales revenue.

Ultimately, TAKT helps you find new customers while making you a hero for current customers.

If you’re a shop owner or manager interested in learning more, book an onboarding call to get started.

Whether you’re a job shop owner or a custom part buyer, TAKT has solutions to help make the manufacturing process easier and more efficient—without sacrificing quality.

Our job is to reduce the time it takes to find an exact fit for your precision machining and manufacturing needs, whatever they are!

Get in touch with us today; we look forward to working with you.

Jessica Wilber is the Founder and President of TAKT Manufacturing Solutions.

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